Love Shouldn't Hurt.

Mission Statement

Our Place Healing Hearts Foundation represents mindful advocacy resources toward Empowering Women in all walks of life. Our primary focus is our commitment to Women. We are mindful of limitations women face within society, employment and home. Therefore, we target and address the imperative curbs of society that fill these gaps by disassembling the problematic statues of life. In the interim, these women become optimistically mindful of their position and growth in the world.  


 Through the generosity of people like You, our work has made a difference to many.

Do you have what it takes to be a Mentor? Here, at Our Place Healing Hearts Foundation, we strive to provide women and children with a sense of hope by providing the fundamental tools to overcome hurdles they are faced with. We are looking for caring mentors willing to serve at-risk women and children who have endured trauma, and need additional academic and behavioral support.

Women no longer assume the responsibility for spousal abuse treatment. Recognizing that No One "deserves" to be abused through Shades of Domestic Violence; Women can then begin their personal strength through Empowerment.  

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