About Us

Destiny Grigsby, CEO, and Founder at a very young age always had a passion for growing up and entering into a profession that would assist others in bettering their lives. As a little girl, she was always told to grow up and become the family attorney with the hopes of representing her biological father to get him out of prison. Not into her second year of undergrad she realized her calling and the need to help vulnerable individuals who may have had little to no help. By continuing her education she is currently scheduled to obtain her Masters of Social Work Degree, summer of 2018. After being raised by a single parent of five, Bernice Grigsby, who was a survivor of domestic violence and the phenomenal woman who put five children through higher education obtaining their Masters, and Ph.D., CEO Destiny, knew her calling would be to tell her story when starting her very own nonprofit organization in 2016. 

Our Place Healing Hearts Foundation has a focus on reciprocal relationships between individuals, families, communities, and the larger society. As of May 2017, the organization has become 501(c)3 status  and is geared towards providing an empowering environment for battered women and children through, a mentoring guide, social services advocacy, employment, and hosting enrichment and empowerment activities within the communities, to encourage our women and children faced with these life challenges the steps to overcome hurdles, to prepare for a better future. While serving the larger areas of Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange County areas through effective community outreach we strive with our efforts to bring continuous awareness within our communities by hosting annually awareness events to encourage persons affected by abuse to speak out, and get out, we want to encourage you all to get connected by helping us help another oppressed individual. Encouraging women to grow and learn their value of self-love is key highlights when working with victims of domestic violence. As well as encouraging our youth that life events can take place anytime but with the proper fundamental tools our children will be able to tackle their hurdles when faced with life challenges.