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Are you looking for employment; apply today with our community partner Molina HealthCare. Upon completing and submitting your application, please email your resume, and include the job ID# on which position you applied for to so that our Molina rep can review your application. 


Apply for Healthcare

Are you looking for employment; apply today with our community partner Molina Healthcare.

Upon completing your Medicaid application, please email us at with all applicants' first, and last names, and dates of birth so our Molina Rep can review your application. 


Please have interested people call (866) 335-9221, TTY 711 or complete the form 

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Our Place Healing Hearts Foundation provides mindful advocacy resources in order to empower women of all backgrounds. Our primary focus is to offer supplemental support for their growth and independent achievements across all aspects of their lives. We are mindful of the limitations women face within public society, employment, and home, and we target and address these detrimental boundaries through education, donations, and therapy. In the interim, these women become optimistically mindful of their position and growth in the world. Currently, we assist and serve five (5) outlying counties of Los Angeles, California to include Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, and Riverside. Annually, we serve more than 5000 participants. The organization was established in 2016 with 501c3 exempt status since 2017.



Throughout our 2-year partnership with Molina, we have recognized the powerful similarities between their mission and our own organization’s objectives. We are eager and hopeful to continue this partnership which extends resources throughout the Los Angeles County communities. The women we assist on a day-to-day basis usually flee their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Partnering with Molina will bring great hope to our clients, by remedying the joblessness and lack of familial medical care affecting the women we support. Molina has made a great difference within our organization by financially supporting the resources we provide. They believed in our mission and continue to sponsor monetary funds to help with operational costs to ensure projects and resources do not stop.



We know that with their added funding, participants who want and seek change can and will make productive improvements in their lives; Molina’s continued partnership will work well with the mental and emotional healing that helps our clients maintain a strong-minded and determined outlook. Our collaborative project will teach participants the need to have a targeted focus for their future, and with the support of Molina, our goal is to ultimately offer members immediate assistance through a one stop shop with a future goal of opening our very own crisis transitional housing. Past funders have contributed to our services due to our full-circle program offerings and we hope Molina will do the same. The persistent growth of our organization is predicated on the necessity for the types of services that Molina will fund.


Molina should continue as a Medi-Cal plan in Los Angeles County as their resources are needed within our vulnerable communities. With today's economy and pandemic, their resources bring great hope to those who have lost jobs, come from broken homes, and are homeless. Our grassroots efforts bring participants and our board members to a mindful conclusion that assistance is the dynamic force to create change in their lives.

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