”God heals all things through his grace. I am a survivor of domestic violence, and by speaking out and seeking help I recovered from my past with my children, by taking advantage of the resources given to me. With the grace of God, my faith, and determination to overcome my past life to bring hope for my new generation of the Grigsby family. I will not fail my daughter and my 4 sons. My children were my motivation, and that is how I defeated my past life.”

Bernice Grigsby

Meza, Arizona

After being in an abusive relationship with my kids father for over 10 years, I am a survivor. I've come to realize my breaking point was when my mother had lost her life to domestic violence. I have seen an ally of women who have lost the battle due to domestic violence. After receiving the fundamental resources and education of learning self-worth and true definition of love, I now have a husband who loves me. I have no worries of going down that path again. I am at peace, and I continue to advocate for woman who were once in my shoes. Collaborating with Destiny Grigsby at the Christmas Toy Drive was a great way to give back to the children, and provide services for those who are in need of extra support. I enjoyed the event, loved the turnout and friendly positive welcoming environment. 



Tasha Cintron

Los Angeles, CA

Destiny is an awesome individual. I’ve attend about 2-3 events she host and I was truly blessed. There was so much love in the building. I was also able to connect with some awesome people that are now like family to me. I’ve seen Destiny work diligently to bring smiles to others faces. OMG she host the best Christmas party ever back in 2016, it was great from the beginning to end. I give her 5 stars for her awesomeness and would gladly attend any events in the future. 

Browniesha Blackman

Los Angeles, CA

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