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Founder and CEO, Destiny Grigsby, at a very young age, always had a passion for growing up and entering into a profession that would assist others to improve their lives. During her youth, it was repeatedly expressed to her the importance of accomplishment and education toward becoming the family attorney. The hope was that one day she would be one representing her biological father toward release from prison. During her second year of undergrad she realized her calling and the need to help vulnerable individuals who may have had little to no help. Continuing to pursue her education she will receive her Doctor of Social Work Degree, winter of 2022. Raised by a single parent of five, Bernice Grigsby (my mother), who is a survivor of Domestic Violence and the phenomenal woman who put five children through higher education obtaining their Masters, and Ph.D., our CEO Destiny Grigsby, knew her calling would be to tell her story when starting her very own nonprofit organization in 2016. 

Our Place Healing Hearts Foundation testament begins many years ago with a Mother, Father and five (5) children. The Father was imprisoned. The Mother was immediately a single parent with the responsibility of caring for and fostering five (5) children. During the years, moving forward with growing children, their education and everyday livelihood expectations, the Mother encountered Domestic Violence as a way of life. However, during this period, the Mother began to reach out to individual support and organizations that reminded her of Her. She began to understand her worth, her contributions and she and her children’s wellness. Going forward, her mind became clear and centered, her needs and deeds more palatable to include turning her life around in a manner of how she wanted her children to learn and identify with. The result, a new and different lifestyle for the entire family with all five (5) children achieving higher education (PhD, Doctorate, etc.). The Mother is a courageous survivor of Domestic Violence inspiring many when she tells her stories of how through programs, education, counseling and self-awareness, she was able to beat the odds. I was one of those people she shared her stories with as I was a practitioner of “Shades of Domestic Violence”. My story is somewhat different, but all-in-all the same. My shade of Domestic Violence focused on self-esteem leading to depression, medication, anxiety, etc. By taking her advice I was able to form my own path leading to the opening of Our Place Healing Hearts Foundation in 2016 and becoming a Non Profit in 2017. Our organization continues to assist victims of Domestic Violence in all their shades. By the way, the Mother in this story, My Mother, Mrs. Bernice Grigsby.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Place Healing Hearts Foundation represents mindful advocacy resources toward Empowering Women in all walks of life. Our primary focus is our commitment to Women. We are mindful of limitations women face within society, employment and home. Therefore, we target and address the imperative curbs of society that fill these gaps by disassembling the problematic statues of life. In the interim, these women become optimistically mindful of their position and growth in the world. 


Organization Goals

1. Funding Capital Resources


-Donations  & Contributions 


2. Volunteer Resources


-High Schools 


-Mental Health 

-Social Services

3. Community Projects Coordination


-Community Leaders 

-Domestic Violence Survivors

-Applicable Resources 

4. Projects

-Annual Awareness Events 

-Survivor/Victim Workshops

-Needs and Means Assessment

5. Forecast 

-Educational Tools 

-Roundtable Discussions 

Empowerment Activities

6. Transitional Housing 

We Need Your Support Today!

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