Our Place Healing Hearts Foundation



Latijera Hayes Serves as the President of Our Place Healing Hearts Foundation. Since 2016 In volunteering for this role, And accepting! Ms. Hayes has led the Organization with help of fund raising, advertising, events, and sponsorship . Latijera Hayes integrates a commitment to best practice in all aspects of the nonprofit operations.

 She oversees ,coordinate,manages,& leads a team providing assistance with overseeing fund raising operations. Leading the organization in strategic planning is one of best assets. Ms. Hayes genuinely is Responsible for tracking organizational progress and evaluating the completion of established goals. 

Latijera Hayes is A big believer in women’s rights! She supports Our Place Healing Hearts Foundation with the intention of seeing prosperity and growth. Which will blossom into a safe haven for battered women & children .

Latijera is a qualified serial entrepreneur with business major. Graduating with her A.S in Business Management from Victor Valley Community College. Latijera Hayes has supported many organizations throughout her career. Giving back to different communities and supporting the less fortunate with abilities and necessities to succeed. “There's no battered woman alive who didn't know in advance that the man was bad”. -Laura Schlessinger



Hello My name is Schaharazad Black and I have recently learned that Our Place Healing Hearts Foundation is looking for board members. I have always wanted to get involved and be active with a community to help my fellow peers. I have a strong connection with battered women and children as well. I also have a right and obligation to serve because I believe I owe it to women like myself. I would love to partake in the uplifting of women and children like myself. 

I am a mother of two and have been placed in homes with women who were universally connected and shared a same goal. That is to be financially efficient and provide for our kids the best way we can with helpful tools and resources. This foundation has helped with so many developments in the neighborhood and already a big pillar of strength for women who don’t have a voice. I plan to bring more women together and share plans and strategies where we can all be empowered. Presently I am not active in my community due to the area I reside. This will change upon working with this group for I am already dedicating and brainstorming time to put in and work on effortless details concerning the help I can do here. 

Board Member


Jami Bell is the Secretary of Our Place Healing Hearts Foundation. She is the oldest of 7, a mother of 3, who was born and raised in Long Beach, CA. Currently, she resides in Hawthorne, CA. Being the oldest has taught her the true value of giving, caring, and the importance of being compassionate to others. In 2016, Ms. Bell started her journey with the organization as a dedicated volunteer. With her warm heart to give back within the community, she also hopes to reach some of her childhood friends who as well were victims of domestic violence. Her ultimate goal is to help women and children in hopes of providing them with the fundamental tools to move forward in all aspects of life.

Secretary /Social Comittee Coordinator


Christi Jennings embodies the characteristics of a good leader.

 Raised by her grandparents and aunt, Christi knows the hardships of not having the “perfect family” all too well. Despite always feeling like something was missing from her life, Christi concealed her feelings and kept on a brave face to insure her younger sisters that eventually things would be fine for them. 

The grace and hope that she exuded to others fueled her to keep going on her own journey. Always willing to help others Christi has volunteered her time with many organizations such as: Big Brothers Big Sisters-LA, Aviva, and Athens Baptist Church where she served as a Youth Ministry Director for two years. 

In March of 2013, Christi decided that it was time to move forward with her vision and CST was established. “These young children need the guidance and support to know that with or without the perfect family, CST will make a way to bring something special and significant to each and every childs’ life.” Today Christi continues to positively influence others by “maximizing the efforts,” of all those around her and is now so honored to be one of the newest Board Members to Our Place Healing Hearts Foundation. She effortlessly brings forth leaders that devote their lives to, “Helping our youth thrive!” Christi resides in Hawthorne, CA but spends most of her time changing lives in Compton, CA as well as our inner cities.

Grant Writer


My name is Latisha Smith. I am 34 years old single mother of two girls 14 and 1, career background in nursing and early childhood education. Currently co-manager a preschool facility. My goal is each one teach one and giving children the knowledge and fundamentals for the first 5 years of their lives. My true passion is within young children and the elderly, event planning is another stronghold I posses.


My goal and vision is to help those who can’t help themselves, if I touch the soul of one I’m forever grateful.

Event Planner/ DV Advocate


My name is Treasure Taylor

As an experienced proponent for transformative life adaptation skills, this coach specializes in strategic intelligence and planning, career revitalization, and collaborative progression. Her extensive knowledge, experience and strong ties can produce more effective behavior modifications in order to sustain personal achievements. She has been with Our Place Healing Hearts for a year.

Certification and Credentials


Graduate of Coastline College, 2019


Teen Mentor/Tutor, 2014-2017

ETC Certified


Criminal Justice, AA


Professional Background/Expertise

She coaches on a topics related to personal desires, professional accomplishments and change. She is successful on identifying areas of challenge and personal strengths that can make a difference in attaining your goals. Her extensive knowledge and experience in these concepts has proven that she can coach and improve personal performance with measurable results.



 Brittany Daniels a mom of 3 &  A woman of many hats whose mission is to inspire other moms and women in general to believe in themselves always. Brittany is a huge believer of faith , empowerment and allowing her story to be the encouragement that portrays on others to stay motivated on their journey no matter the obstacles. 


A young mother at just 14 years old with no guidance or support was the push I needed for me to do better for myself to be a better woman and a good mom. I didn’t have it all figured out but I knew I just couldn’t give up and it was up to me to make a way. I have sustained a career in the nursing field graduating back in 2006 and from there I’ve been determined to be a good role model for my kids and in a way; inspiring many others along the way. I have recently started my nonprofit organization whose mission is to impact, encourage, empower and inspire other young teen moms in hopes of being the change they need to hear to push through. My goal is to not only “Pay it forward” to moms & their children in need but to be an inspiration because I’ve actually lived many tough experiences to get to the woman I am here today. The goal is to help motivate other young moms to be faithful on their journey,to trust the process always and be brave enough to tackle all obstacles with their head held high. As a youth educator of the Our Place Healing Hearts Foundation my purpose and goal will be to “inform” in order to “impact” change of perspective. We ALL have inner magical powers that we must embrace to find our self purpose in order to be great in all aspects of our lives. 

Teen Educator