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Community Resources


-Hitting, punching, shoving, biting, and using weapons
-Forced sexual activity
-Putting down, name calling, playing mind games
-Controlling of all your finances

You may be a victim of domestic violence 

We can help you!

The following services are available to help you end the abuse in your life and the lives of your family:

Los Angeles County Domestic Violence Resources

DPSS Resources 

-Battered Women Shelters/Walk-In Centers

-Domestic Violence

-Violence Against Women Act 


Safety Plan Hotline 

contact: 800-978-3600

365 days a year, 24 hours a day 

Hana's Healing House

02/17/19 Total Mind, Body & SOL Wellness

Hana's Healing House is committed to bringing our community the wellness we deserve! When we loose touch with nature, we lose connection to ourselves! Our offerings includes sacred Goddess Retreats to help restore and bring out that which is already inside the Divine Feminine within us all. We focus on healing using natural elements such as the moon, herbs and certain waters to create certain experiences at our Sacred Moon Circle HHHealing events. WE breathe deep, we love truly and we invite anyone, with any level of spiritual belief or background to experience this bliss with us! This is a co-ed space, our King's and Queen's and their Light baby's can come out and experience the healing vibes and connect while we heal! We offer a vast array of services from reiki charged crystals, guided meditation and yoga, to innergy healing, chakra balancing and spiritual guidance (tarot/oracle readings)! The SOL mission of our practice is to meet you where you are, and lovingly take you into the next level of love, clarity and SOL freedom. Balance is key and for me understanding we must first start with inward balance, I make my practice 100% focused on that alone. By using tools along our journey, we can begin to understand the balance of the ALL, and we can truly begin to heal from traumas, past and present, inviting in a more free tomorrow.

We give away crystals monthly! Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for details on how to enter to receive a reiki charged crystals from Hana's Healing House!


We have available resources for your use 24/7! Therapy, crystals healing, shelter and food referrals and much more! If we can serve you, contact us using one of the methods below!

IG - @hanashealinghouse | @HealingSOLFLOWA
FB: Hana's Healing House


The Riverside Family Justice Center

The Riverside Family Justice Center provides victims of domestic violence with centralized access to public and private resources in a safe, secure, and private environment. The services include legal assistance, victim/witness services, court and hospital accompaniment, crisis intervention, emergency assistance, information and referral, and access to law enforcement and prosecutors.


Family Justice Center Riverside County 

Contact: 951-955-6100  or 



24 HOUR CRISIS LINES 951-683-0829 

National Domestic Violence Hotline 

800-799-(SAFE) (7233)

Confidential 24 hours a day/7 days a week


Domestic Violence Shelters in Orange County

Human Options
Interval House
Laura's House
Women's Transitional Living Center

Domestic Abuse Hotlines Orange County

Human Options
Interval House
562-594-4555, 714-891-8121, 800-978-3600
Laura’s House
Women Transitional Living

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